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future trade agreements. The Commission will, for example, request that the Council publish negotiating mandates and publish EU text proposals online for all negotiations, following the practice in ttip. Ensuring EPAs are implemented effectively and deepening relationships with African partners that are willing to go further and with the African Union. The Commission consulted widely with the Member States, the European Parliament and civil society in its preparations for the new strategy. The new strategy also contains actions to increase consumers' confidence in the products they buy: The Commission pledges to protect Europe's levels of consumer, environmental and social protection and will formation Forex ensure that these will also be enjoyed in EU trade agreements in the future.

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Outside of negotiations, the Commission will: Work with the Member States so that they better coordinate how they implement trade agreements with their national strategies to help SMEs go global. Consumers: Consumers already have a wider choice of products at lower prices thanks to the EU's open trade policy. Some actions such as those on transparency can move ahead without delay. It also expands our action to support sustainable development. Member States: In the Council, Ministers discussed the strategy twice, on 14 November 2014 and on The issue was also discussed in the Trade Policy Committee on The Commission also met individually with representatives of all 28 Member States, in Brussels and during visits. Supporting mobility of experts, senior managers, and service providers. In these meetings officials met over 180 organisations.