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a large up move that retraced approximately to the 50 level on two different occasions, providing a very high-probability entry scenario, especially on the second bounce. As I teach in many of my lessons, my overall trading approach can be summed up by the acronym.L.S. Retrieved Chapman-Blench, Neil F (2012). You might be thinking, Why dont I just set an entry order right on the line? "A Guide To Correctly Drawing Support and Resistance Levels Accurately". What I mean by dynamic is moving levels, in other words, moving averages. However, once the price has breached this level, by an amount exceeding some noise, it is likely to continue rising until meeting another resistance level.

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This is partly a self-fulfilling event and partly just a result of normal market dynamics. These levels are good entry points as well as points to define risk or stop loss points. The main idea is to first identify a trading range, which is basically just price bouncing between two parallel levels in the market, and then look for price action signals at those levels or look to fade the level on a blind entry. Here we can identify major support and resistance levels, trends and trading ranges. Markets spend much of their time consolidating and in trading ranges, so we should be able to find trades within those market conditions, not only in trends.