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you historical data of many currencies rates. When you afterwards start the script with the Yahoo download, it will detect that the data is already there, and not access the Yahoo API. Rrule import rrule, daily a date(2013, 1, 1) b date(2013, 12, 31) for dt in rrule(daily, dtstarta, untilb get_precip(rftime Ymd update, i noticed for the free account you can only make 1000 API calls per month ( link ). Before running the Yahoo based script, run this one: void main string MyAsset; while(MyAsset /.

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And then theres also this ominous message: Like the Yahoo message, this one is also wrong, but in a more positive sense. And if you know a free and reliable API for ETF EOD history, please post a comment! For the moment, the above script will do, but its only a temporary solution. You could use this: Free Forex Historical Data and then use Yahoo Finance (. You'll need a code to cycle over dates, here is an example of my python.7 code that collects 2013 precipitation and weather in Zurich.

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