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financial market participants. The business cycle is a key concept in modern economics. Unemployment is also closely tied to consumer sentiment (see number five on our list). Therefore, they need to know the geopolitical situation of countries and their economic conditions because these are two of critical factors which influence exchange rates. Sometimes, the data is as direct as reporting monthly sales from a particular segment of the economy. It's all about personal consumption expenditures (PCE). Economists at the Fed prefer to focus on the PCE price index that comes as part of the GDP report. Still, others may derive their findings by extrapolating existing data.

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Factors which influence the exchange rates

The report gives an early estimate of the nominal dollar value of sales in the retail sector (that is, the number is not adjusted for inflation) and also reports the number as percentage change from the previous month. Click the button below. Consumer Confidence Index/University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment At number five in our list we have two reports. Kindly be mindful that this edge is stamped to-market progressively for the exchange's life, which is standard strategy in retail forex markets. . Manufacturing only makes up roughly 20 of the US economy, but is closely monitored by FX and CFD traders. IPC is a technology and service leader powering financial markets globally that is extensively covered by The Industry Spread, such as its partnership with OneAsia to provide connectivity in China, the launch of its synchronization product, and the introduction of the worlds first compliance policy. Both connected to IPCs vast community of financial market participants and providing low latency access via IPCs high-performance network to key FX liquidity providers and dealers. Unemployment Rate, the unemployment rate is defined as the percentage of the labour force actively looking for work. To help plan your schedule, try taking a look at our Forex Calendar. These reports tend to have the most impact on the Forex and stock markets when the business cycle is close to a turning point.